How do I access my feed?

Your personal feed is located at

Enter that URL into your podcast player of choice. I like PocketCasts for Android and iOS, or Overcast for iOS. However, there are many other options as well and your personal feed will work in any of them.

Why the name AudioDidact?

It comes from the word autodidact.

au·to·di·dact /ˌɔ toʊˈdaɪ dækt/
Noun - A self-taught person

I created AudioDidact to help me learn from the best thinkers online today, and from history. It started with only supporting YouTube videos, which I used to download TED Talks, debates, and lectures. I then added support for other websites that publish long-form content which I wanted to have as a podcast that I could playback faster.

What sites does AudioDidact support?

AudioDidact currently supports the following services:

AudioDidact does not support playlists or channels, it is for adding individual videos and audio only.

How can I modify my feed settings?

Your feed settings can be changed on your user account page. The settings that you can change include: podcast title, podcast icon, podcast author, podcast description, number of items in feed, and privacy of your feed.

I don't want everyone to see what I'm listening to, can I keep my feed private?

Your feed can absolutely be private. Simply click on the switch on your account page labeled "Feed is Private", which is off by default. When your feed is private no one else will be able to look at your feed, although if you have entered your name and gender, these will be shown. If you make your feed private you will have to provide your username and password to your podcast player so that your feed can be checked. Support for this does depend on your podcast player.

Where to report bugs

Report bugs on my GitHub project at and click "New Issue". Please be as descriptive as possible so I can quickly address your problem.